Teen Hackathon 2018

Washington County Library had their first Hackathon yesterday, November 3rd. It started out with being a small team project and ended up becoming a huge endeavor. Our administrative team helped a lot with the logistics of planning the actual event and setting up for it the day before/morning of. They also took care of the … Continue reading Teen Hackathon 2018

QR Codes for Online Databases

Online databases are an important part of libraries, but a lot of patrons don't know what they are or that they're even there. Databases have been intimidating in the past, with scholarly-looking homepages and complicated search engines. Now, many of these databases are becoming more user-friendly. Unfortunately, that doesn't help if users aren't getting to … Continue reading QR Codes for Online Databases

Makeup for VR

A few weeks ago, I ran a Virtual Reality program at a community center near my library. It was a really great experience and I loved being able to introduce VR to a new audience. I used Oculus Rift on an Alienware laptop. While the program ran smoothly, I ran into a personal issue. This … Continue reading Makeup for VR

Wi-Fi Hotspots

I was first introduced to hotspots in 2015 when I was working in a small rural library outside of Las Vegas, NV. The library district was working on renovating all eleven of the rural branches. Before we could renovate, the director that oversaw the rural libraries had everyone go through every crevice and throw out … Continue reading Wi-Fi Hotspots